EMBODY - A Human Design course

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A 4-week Human Design Program Next level expansion for women ready to take their life to the next level. This 4-week program is to turn the dial on your light all the way up. To step into full alignment and create expansion you’ve been dreaming about. Embodiment is so much more than learning about your Human design. It's living it day in and out. It's choosing the path that leads to expansion. It's the commitment to moving in alignment that quantum leaps you into your next level. It's choosing to follow the feeling of satisfaction, peace and success even when you feel the fear. Are you a woman that is ready to not just know, but live in full alignment? Are you ready to become a magnet for all that you desire simply by BE-ing you? After this 4-week Program you will feel: - Confident in your ability to make choices that are in full alignment - Experience next level expansion naturally with ease - Become an energetic match for your desires & achieve your goals with flow You will get: >Personalized HD reading >Pre Work - to set you up for success >4 modules each focusing on a topic >Homework to help integration >VIP upgrade option available to include 1:1 coaching (Contact for more details)

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