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Updated: Jan 7

The more and more people that I get to work with, the more and more I realize that we all have a broken heart.

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Broken hearted, how to fix a broken heart

We have all experienced heartbreak in one way or another. Romantic heartbreak, grandparents that were our whole world passing, parents not showing up for us. There are so many types of heartbreak and there aren’t many people that have completely avoided it all together.

It gave me a strange sense of connection to the whole world, when I realized that we are all connected by this feeling that we don’t really talk about but that we have all experienced.

We get so many beautiful lessons through the struggles in life, and so long as we extract the lesson, then it isn’t wasted but a place that we have grown. I feel that Heartbreak is the trickiest kind of grief. It is a thing that never goes away, we just create more and more experiences around the grief and it starts to feel more supported over time but it never feels less and it never goes away.

I believe that the hardest part of heartbreak is picking up your heart again and putting it back inside you, so that you feel whole again. But we must, we must do the work and heal our heart, so that we don’t miss out on the beauty of life out of fear that it might break our heart again. Because it might but it is supposed to.

I have three major heartbreaks in my life.

1. My dad

The first person to break my heart was my Dad. He wasn’t a good father or husband and I don’t remember a time when my heart wasn’t broken by him. But even as a young child, I was determined to be the light in my own life despite having every reason to not. He taught me how to be my own light. We as people are multifaceted and I believe that this is true of everyone, including people that have hurt me deeply. I know that we aren't born bad or evil and that everyone has a journey and we are always sometimes the bad guy in someones story. I reached a place of forgiveness for my Dad years ago. I was able to turn this pain into my greatest asset, which was to be happy on purpose.

2. My grandfather

The man that I idolized. The most amazing man that I have ever known and the man that loved me the most. I adored him and he adored me. He was the only man that I wanted to make proud and he was the only man that was proud of me for just existing. When he passed, it shattered my heart and my life. I had never felt pain like this before and it took years to accept, and some days it still isn’t ok and that’s ok. This is a grief that will exist forever and there is something beautiful about this.

3. My soul partner

The man that was perfect for me. One of the hardest things to understand is when a relationship is so compatible in every way but it somehow misses in a way that is a priority for one or both of you. To come face to face with a phenomenal (because it is a phenomenon) relationship that just misses the mark ever so slightly is one of the most confusing, frustrating and devastating experiences we ever come to have. I lost myself with this one because it should have been perfect. But the further we move away from this kind of heartbreak, the more we realize that it wasn't actually perfect because something that misses by a small amount at the beginning, turn into big amounts a few years later. This is something that we get to heal from and make peace with.

After it all, I still picked myself up and gathered up the pieces of my heart and put it all back together and each time has been hard, sometimes beyond hard, sometimes it felt impossible to do. Never have I ever felt any regret about putting my heart back together and offering it back up to the world. We all have a broken heart and that is ok. Take your time, give yourself grace and love yourself fiercely my love.

Big Love



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