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Less is Abundant

We think of abundance as more of things and I have been adding more to my life for years.

More gratitude, more love, more acceptance, more money, more routine, more clients, more multi-tasking.

Creating more space in my life to create more. But what if less was more abundant?

In 2022 I learned 2 huge lessons

1. Less is Abundant

2. Personal Boundaries are more necessary than boundaries with other.

Next week’s blog will be about this.

I was holding so much and I needed to put some things down and doing, having, being less felt like the most abundant and expansive thing that I could do. It also felt like the only thing that I could do.

I made myself less, my routine less, my tasks less and my acceptance of anything that felt like more, less.

I rested more, I spent time outside without always listening to a podcast, I made my availability for everything less and I interacted with the world less.

It felt like a huge 180. I had been doing and being so much for years that what I needed was a major swing in the other direction. I am slowly coming back to a place that feels much more reasonable. A place where I have balance, my word for 2022.

During this time, I felt more of so much and that felt so wildly incredible. This whole process has made me realize that less is abundant.

Having less to do is abundant, walking outside and just walking and enjoying the walk is abundant, working less days is abundant and having less connections is abundant (it created space for deeper connection in less places).

Less is abundant, less is balance, less is calm, less is space, less is happiness…AND less means more.

What are you doing less of that is actually abundant for you?

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