You Get to Decide How Your Life Feels

Updated: Jan 7

You make decisions for your life and that’s it. You don’t need to worry about how it will affect others or what they will think or if they will like you.

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You make aligned soul lead choices and that is all that you have to do. It sounds simple and it is but it isn’t always easy.

We are afraid of making decisions that might make others uncomfortable and so we err on the side of caution to take care of others feelings. We know what happens then though. We get frustrated, angry, resentful and that’s just as bad.

We worry about what others are going to think of us, will we be judged? Well Fuck I hope so!! I want to be remembered for my choices as a woman, as a leader and as a human. I desire to make full body soul lead and aligned choices that light up my life and show other women the way.

Do you care so much about being liked that you would be unhappy? I can feel you hesitate there my love, I know that you want to say no but you know that might not be entirely true. This is your life and it is flying by, please make choices for you babe. You are worth that at the very least.

We do things to make others do the thing that we want them to do, but that isn’t our responsibility. We get to make choices and if they don’t align with others, then they also get to make choices for themselves. It is hard to lose people over our own choices but it is better to let people that don’t align with us fall away than to hold onto them tightly out of loneliness or comfort.

Your life is waiting for you to light it the fuck up babe! Don’t let yourself down.

Big Love,



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